How to download and install city maps on your eBook reader?

Plans Installation Tutorial

Cities maps provide a free download on the site are specially adapted for eBook readers. With these devices you can use them anytime and anywhere without an Internet connection. Now, follow the guide.

1) To start, be sure to choose the right file format depending on the type of eBook reader you have. You have the choice between a file .mobi and another in the format .epub. To choose the file for your player is easy, if you own an Amazon Kindle reader to choose the format .mobi and for all other types of readers choose the format .epub.
also note that these 2 formats can also be played on smartphones and tablets PC.

2) Each map can be downloaded to your computer or directly from your eBook reader (if your player has an internet connection). For example, if you have the Amazon Kindle reader enter into the web browser and visit and download the file from the location you want (.mobi for this example). Once the file is downloaded, the eBook will appear on the home page of your kindle.

3) If you download the e-book on your computer, you can usually download to your eBook reader in two ways. If the drive supports memory cards, make a copy of the e-book on the memory card and insert it into the drive. You can then connect the drive to your computer via a USB cable. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the ebook directly on the reader. The eBook reader is usually detected as a normal USB hard drive (note, you must choose the correct folder in the ebook. For example, the Amazon Kindle is the Documents). The eBook with the map of the city is displayed among the other books in the drive.

4) You always have the option to delete the eBook from your drive and reinstall anytime for free.

5) If you do not know the method to use our eBooks I advise you to go to the next step:

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