How to use maps on your eBook reader?

Here is the user guide

The use of maps available on is easy, however we will give you some explanation of the navigation controls.

1) After the first page of each ebook, you can see a page with brief information. Click on the Point 1 and you get to the first page of the card. Click the Point 2 and you get to the street index.

2) The map is made in several parts. If you need to go right on the map, simply go to the next page of the book. To go to the left to go to the previous page.

3) To descend on the map you have to go in the coming pages. How many? See number in point 4 (on the information page of the card) to every e-books.

4) Some e-book readers for zooming maps. Move the cursor over the map and click - or press the appropriate button on your player.

5) The eBook includes an index of streets. Move the cursor over the name of the street and click. You will get the map of the selected street. Each street name has a capital letter. Example: "A" means: the street is on the top left of the map. B - top right. C - bottom left. D - lower right.

6) Sometimes it may happen that the street name is not on the map. It may be in the next section. If you can not find the street, try to see the next section of the map.