Free GPS maps of the world

Download the free countries of the world and continents to your GPS.

Like the GPS road, we now offer a simple and free solution to update your Garmin GPS hiking. These cards are ideal if you want a ride to an unknown location, hiking, mountain biking and even running.

Hiking GPS maps for what activity?

For now, the cards operate only with the brand Garmin GPS, for others it will have to wait a bit. We recommend that you install these cards on specific GPS for hiking, like Garmin Dakota. This kind of GPS is ideal for activities listed above.

Example of a hiking GPS, the Garmin Dakota:

Garmin Dakota GPS

Available countries for download

We offer currently seven European countries to download for your Garmin GPS hiking: France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Of course, other countries will be added later.

Download hiking maps

Europe (Update August 2015)

GPS map BelgiumBelgium hiking map - 147Mo

GPS map SpainSpain hiking map - 363Mo

GPS map FranceFrance hiking map - 914Mo

GPS map ItalyItaly hiking map - 534Mo

GPS map LuxembourgLuxembourg hiking map - 28Mo

GPS map PortugalPortugal hiking map - 137Mo

GPS map SwitzerlandSwitzerland hiking map - 198Mo

How to install hiking maps?

1 - Connect your Garmin GPS (with SD card inserted) to your PC.

2 - Select a above hiking map to download .ZIP format.

3 - Unzip the .ZIP file on your PC.

4 - Copy the file gmapsupp.img and paste it in the folder Garmin in the SD Card from GPS. If the file does not exist, create it.

5 - It's over! If you experience problems during the procedure or if the card does not work, see To Know bellow.

To Know

- gmapsupp is the default name given to your card. This should in no way be changed to be read by your GPS.

- It is possible that the downloaded map is not displayed by default on your GPS. For that, it will select in the settings of your device.