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Browsers and GPS applications for Smartphone and Sony PSP

We emphasize on this page the best GPS applications to download from your mobile smartphone for three main existing OS such as iOS, Android and Bada. All free GPS smartphone applications have been tested by us, so this is why we offer only the best of them. Use your mobile as a conventional GPS navigator.
Free and effective, however, we recommend using a car charger to use these applications. Indeed, in addition to the GPS modem enabled smartphones, applications are still fairly resource intensive.

GPS for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you have a mobile iPhone, iPad or the new iPad Air, the best free GPS apps are probably MappyGPS Free and Waze. These are two complete applications that have their own advantages, you test!

MappyGPS Free for IOS:

His advantages: Voice guidance, 2D or 3D mode, ability to listen to music simultaneously.
Defects: France coverage only for it to evolve it will buy...
The link to the application for iOS here: Download MappyGPS Free

Waze GPS social for IOS:

His advantages: Works perfectly with a Community shipping (50 million users) which will allow you to be alerted of traffic and real-time radar, full voice navigation, allows you to find the cheapest petrol station on your route, setting update continuously cards.
Defects: Sometimes voice navigation bug.
The link to the application for iOS here: Download Waze GPS Social

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GPS for Android smartphones

For mobile smartphone with Android OS, we hesitate between 2 GPS free to download. The best thing is to try both to what an idea. The 2 best free GPS smartphone are undoubtedly MappyGPS Free and Google Maps Navigation.

MappyGPS Free for Android: Download MappyGPS Free
Google Maps Navigation for Android: Download Google Maps Navigation

GPS for Bada smartphones (Samsung Wave 1, 2, et 3)

Samsung offers very little free GPS on the Samsung Apps, the only good GPS on Bada are mostly paid. Fortunately, Waze is now available on your Samsung smartphone.

Waze for Bada: Download Waze

GPS for Windows Phone

Waze is available for Windows Phone smartphones. On this OS, Waze still has some bugs: Download Waze Windows Phone

GPS map for PSP: Mapthis 2.0

Mapthis - GPS for PSP

Know that with your PSP portable console you can also have a complete GPS through Mapthis software. For this you only have to purchase the GPS module for PSP on sale on the net for a few Dollars. Then, using the free downloadable software on the links shown below, you will turn your PSP into a GPS navigator cheaply.

Where to buy a GPS module for PSP?

First, GPS modules for PSP you'll find at any price on the internet. We advise you to buy it on Price Minister at this address. This is where we found the best price.

In addition, the site also offers stands and made lighter in addition to your PSP.

How to install software Mapthis 2.0

You will find various tutorials in french to put the software that integrates GPS cards. Among the best known there are tutorials that of PSPGen and